Difference Between Bees & Wasps And How To Deal With Both

bee control

There are many people who wrongfully assume that pest control pros do not have the expertise to deal with airborne creatures. Contrary to that, however, the best pest extermination services can tackle all kinds of pest invasion. They not only eliminate the crawlers but also deal with airborne pests like bees and wasps. Since they critters cannot just be carried away physically, it is important to remove their entire hive or home. Now, this can be a real tough task for you, but is easily performed by a reputed commercial pest control service in Melbourne. Before you call the pest service, you must have a fair knowledge on what airborne insect you are dealing with.

Bees and wasps are related to ants. They belong to Hymenoptera species. Although they are different from each other, both love to be in social groups like most ants. Bees and wasps are difficult to identify and that is one more reason why you must hire a pest control company. Bees are stinging insects and some people are very allergic to the venom of their sting. Allergic individuals face serious threat from the venom, because it can sometimes be life threatening even from a single bee sting. While the honey bees are probably the most dangerous, their carpenter or bumble peers are not so threatening. It is nearly impossible for an untrained person to remove a hive of bees. Pest control companies have trained personnel who can remove a hive from an office apartment, building complex or even a garden.

Wasps are also capable of stinging. And though some species of wasps cannot harm people, they definitely serve as a disturbing element. Wasps are divided into large groups. Among them, the yellow-jackets are meat eaters and hornets like to feed on pollen. They will attack only if they feel that their nest is in danger. That is why it is suggested to leave them alone and hand over the elimination task to the professionals who are trained in the sector.

How do they work?

In most situations, a bee removal team removes the hive with the help of advanced methods that are non-hazardous and odourless. You need not require to vacate your house during or post treatment. You just need to stay away from the treatment area till the bees have been completely removed.

This shows how a pest controlling service protects you and why they must be called after an infestation.



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