Cockroaches: User-friendly Treatment & Identification Of Species

cockroach control

People often underestimate the importance of cockroach pest control. This could lead to some very serious problem if the infestation of these critters grows in abundance.

The threat from cockroaches

Cockroaches are among the major carriers of diseases and pathogens. They are a dangerous form of nuisance and must be dealt immediately when seen. Agencies that provide the service of cockroach pest control in Melbourne use the latest technology for vanquishing the roaches from a home. They use the best solutions keeping the safety of the residents in mind. For instance, the modern permethrin dust is applied by some pros inside wall cavities, roof voids and on the subfloor areas.

Like the ants, cockroaches too emit a unique kind of chemical trails in their wake. These trails are used as a form of signal to attract other cockroaches behind them. This result in cockroach swarms and severe infestation within a household. This is the reason why experts advice to maintain good hygiene practices and to keep storage areas tidy.

Mechanism of Permethrin dust

Pest control in Melbourne use permethrin dust which is a modelled version of the natural extract of pyrethrum plant. Permethrin affects the nervous system of the cockroaches which causes muscle spasms, paralysis and death.

However, one can also use boric acid to kill the cockroaches. It poisons the stomach of the cockroach and kills it within ten days.

Identifying different cockroach species in Australia

  • German cockroach – German cockroaches are 1.3-16 centimetres in length and the colour range is from tan to a very dark brown. Common hiding places include pantries, cupboards and ovens. It is very common for this species to short out electrical equipment.
  • Australian cockroach – Australian cockroach is an introduced species that may actually belong to Asia. It is said that Australian cockroaches are found in a variety of countries because they get transported through shipping containers and other vessels. The cockroaches have a tanned hue and a large body. They have a yellow margin round the head and near the wings. Unlike other cockroaches, Australian cockroaches can fly. They are usually found in bins, pet bowls and in areas with quick access to food.
  • Oriental cockroach – This species prefers cool environment. Oriental cockroach is a common pest mainly throughout the Sydney, but it is also found in other areas of Australia. The critter is around 2.5 centimetres in length and the colour is glossy dark brown or black. The male has long functional wings while the female has short ones which are unusable. They are usually found in the garden, sewer and drainage areas. Removing stored water and keeping your area dry is an effective way to keep them away.

If you suspect a cockroach hideout in your home, contact a pest management business for the correct identification of them as well as a comprehensive management plan.


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