Different Forms of Wedding Photography


Did you know that the best and most precious moments of one of the biggest events in your life can be captured in a number of ways? Yes, wedding photography is not about having just candid shots of your bridal party taken. There are plenty of styles that you can pick from after discussing with a good wedding photographer your requirements and budget.

Here is a brief list explaining the different forms of wedding photography:


Wedding pictures captured in film style are usually of an organic and soft quality. This is because the format offers excellent range, right from shadows up to highlights. However, you can expect a bit of high service charge, since film photography is a lot of work and therefore, necessitates extra rolls, heavy editing and extensive processing. It takes around 3-4 weeks for producing the final results.


In case of dramatic wedding photography, the primary requirement is effective lighting, which is why it is regarded as a feat that can be achieved only by true masters. The pro who has been appointed should have the ability to get light even if the sun is not cooperative on the day of the ceremony.


This is the style that can impart a timeless appeal to your precious wedding moments and reflect real life more effectively. The visuals captured are truly infused with the artistry of the professional. When done in the right way, classic style can make even ordinary pictures look like perfection.


The best thing about this style is that it allows to capture spontaneous or candid shots instead of highly styled or posed ones. Suitable backgrounds and angles are also chosen in order to take the best pictures of the subjects. Group portraits are generally shot at some intimate space to get enough interactions with everybody.


Lifestyle wedding photography is almost like its documentary counterpart, but the visuals are captured with just a little bit of styling and direction. Besides that, the pictures also have a relaxed and approachable feel to them.

So when you doing your legwork to hire a good wedding photographer (link with article: Tips To Hire A Good Wedding Photographer), make sure to convey the details pertaining to the style you want the moments to be captured. Doing so would aid you in choosing the right professional who will deliver the exact results you want. Thus, determine what you wish for and be articulate about it.


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