Different Forms Of Service Offered By A Pest Control Company

pest control company

You may find yourself perplexed when your pest control company asks you about how often you want your home to be inspected or treated. It is important that you learn about various forms of services available from a pest control, so as to make the right decision.

Here are some common services offered by a pest control business as per the amount of treatment necessary:

1) One-time: The name itself suggests that the service will be provided only for once. This process may not always solve your pest problem and can lead to adopting a costlier option.

2) Semi-annual or quarterly: This service plan is the most common one offered by a typical pest control business. It allows you to sign up for a treatment after a six-month time period has passed. It proves to be the most cost-effective as far as domestic pest control in Melbourne is concerned.

3) Monthly: This plan is ideal for you in case you are in need of continued services. It is opted for mostly by schools, office buildings, apartments, complexes, etc. as they are usually large, have high traffic and are prone to having pests carried in by people. The success of this commercial pest control depends on the type of space and layout of the building.

4) Bi-monthly: This is a most aggressive form of treatment when it comes to treating pests. It takes care of a repeating problem or an infestation that is being a continuous threat. This is naturally costlier as it means more visits from your service provider. They come with different treatment plans twice in a month.

When you are willing to take these kinds of service plans, be sure to ask that whether or not you have to sign up for re-application between scheduled treatments, the coverage area of the treatment, technician turnover (same person or different people on the second visit), and so on. Ask about the kind of pest cotrols they are using for different seasons and the kind of plans they are applying on changing weathers. These are the basic guidelines which you need to follow when you contact a pest control company.

Last but not the least, it is better to book an appointment with a pest control service as soon as possible after detecting the presence of an infestation. It is because waiting will increase the severity of the problem and then you may end up spending more money than you bargained for. When you make the final decision, call up your preferred service provider and ask how much do they charge for a single treatment. The cost may vary depending on the problem you have. Make sure they start as soon as possible because delaying will make the treatment ineffective.


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