Water Damage – Types, Causes, Hazards & Solutions


To any homeowner, a water damage situation is nothing short of a nightmare. And the risk of one generally increases when there is heavy rainfall or if there is a leaking pipe in the house. The reason why water accidents are dreaded so much is simply due to the fact that they result in property damage worth hundreds of dollars, or even thousands at times. At one blow, they can affect the integrity of belongings like upholstery, wooden furniture, household appliances, electronics, etc., sometimes beyond recovery.


Based on their type, water damages are classified into three different categories:
Clean – does not pose any health threat to humans.
Grey – since the source of water is a contaminated one, it can harbour various disease-causing microbes.
Black – this category of water damage is bound to cause sickness if waded through for a long time, since it contains many harmful pathogens.

  • As per the severity of damage that they cause, water damage incidents are also divided into four classes:
  • Class 1 – causes least amount of damage and easily salvageable
  • Class 2 – evaporates quickly, but can affect the integrity of upholstery and carpets
  • Class 3 – dries really fast, although may soak into furniture and walls
  • Class 4 – generally affects plaster, hardwood floors and even concrete, necessitates special restoration techniques


There are a wide range of issues that can trigger a water damage incident, the most common among which are:

  • Clogged toilet
  • Leaky dishwasher
  • Overflowing washing machine
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Floods

Health Hazards

Once a water damage incident has taken place, it is important to begin with the restoration process immediately or as soon as possible. This is because any delay in cleanup would promote the proliferation of mould, fungi and various other micro-organisms. And exposure to them can trigger or worsen asthmatic or allergic symptoms. Therefore, preventing mould after water damage  with the help of effective restoration is utmost important.


Though homeowners assume that DIY solutions are enough for salvaging any kind of flood accident in the house, they are actually not. Complete water damage restorations require usage of high grade equipment such as dehumidifiers, water extractors, air movers, etc. And these things are usually available with a flood damage remediation company. So it is always prudent to call in a flood damage restorer when a water accident has occurred.

Long story short, acting smartly and quickly is the key towards salvaging a flood situation, whether it’s from a leaking pipe or heavy rainfall.


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