Pre-Christmas Carpet Cleaning Tips

Barely a couple of weeks is left for Christmas to arrive at our doorstep, and then New Year celebrations will be upon us a week after that. Have you started planning your X-mas bash already? Then you would definitely want your place to look neat and tidy for offering a warm welcome to guests. While cleaning before Christmas and New Year parties, most homeowners seem to pay too much attention to the walls, ceilings, articles and other possessions. However, they invest very little or even zero effort sometimes when it comes to cleaning up carpets. Though they may look completely harmless, carpets can be home to various pollutants, dust mites and allergens. Many of the contaminants can trigger mild to severe respiratory problems or infections in humans.

So here are a few tips that you can follow to clean up your carpets before Christmas:

Vacuum Regularly

Until the day leading to Christmas celebrations, make sure you vacuum the household carpets regularly to eliminate loose debris and dust mites. If possible, invest in a HEPA filter and use it along with strong suction. Repeatedly work on areas that receive high foot traffic everyday.

Immediately Clear Out Spills

In case you accidentally spill food or drinks on your carpet, make sure you remove it immediately in order to prevent stubborn stains. Use a wooden spoon for scooping away sticky materials and avoid rubbing the spill.

Soapy Water Can Work Wonders

It may not sound much, but a mixture of soap and warm water can effectively remove stains from a carpet. All you need to do is pour a little bit of the solution on a dry towel and use it to rub the stain gently, but don’t scrub. For stubborn stains, replace the soap with vinegar.

Use Baking Soda For Odours

Do your carpets have a stench that just won’t go away? Then you can use baking soda to mask the odour. Spread a small amount of the substance all over the flooring materials.

In case your carpets are far too dirty to be cleaned using DIY techniques, then get in touch with a trusted company offering the service of domestic cleaning in Perth. Apart from cleaning your soiled rugs, the professionals would also leave other places of your residential premise looking immaculate. However, be careful that you do your research properly before hiring any company. Make sure that they are suitably licensed and have a good reputation in the industry.


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