Do You Know How To Identify Termites?

Termites are one of the most damaging and notorious pests in Melbourne, so it’s only natural for anyone to freak out at the sight of these critters. Every year, these wood munching insects cause property destruction worth millions of dollars throughout Australia. But if ever you felt like termites have infested your home, would be able to recognise them? In case you have not seen these pests before in person, your answer might be either mixed or a direct ‘no’.

The most effective way to identify the existence of termites is by calling a trusted professional who offers the service of termite control in Melbourne. Pest exterminators usually have a sound idea about how different species of these wood-loving critters look like. As such, they know the pest when they see it.

Are you not sure that what you saw is really a termite? Then your best bet would be catching the suspected critter inside a small jar. Once you are done doing that, examine the creature carefully and determine whether it has a soft body & broad waist or not. If it has wings and you are mistaking it for an ant, then have a look at the number of body segments. While the structure of an ant is divided into three sections, a termite typically has just the head and body. In addition to that, the antennae of the former are bent compared to that of the latter, which are short & straight.

If you have caught a termite without wings, it was probably a soldier or a worker in the colony. While soldiers have large mandibles and brown or dark orange heads along with white bodies, workers are white in colour and their body is nearly transparent.

In case you do know how to identify termites, you may not always get to encounter them even if they are residing in your house. Fortunately, there are other ways to determine their presence. Some of the telltale signs include mud tubes on the walls of the basement, wings resembling fish scales, hollow wooden surfaces, faeces that look like pellets, distorted or cracked paints on anything made of wood and extremely tiny holes in furniture items.

Once you are sure that you have termites in your property, waste no time in taking steps to have them eliminated as soon as possible. Also, do your research carefully in order to find a suitable pest control professional.


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