Want To Keep Pests Off Your Christmas Decorations? Follow These Tips


During the next few weeks, you will probably be busy cleaning your abode and putting up decorations just like everyone else, for celebrating the arrival of Santa Claus in town. Of course, Christmas comes only once in a year, so you will do everything to commemorate the festival in an indelible way. But did you know that your efforts can be somewhat thwarted by intruders who are no bigger than your toes? Yes, we are talking about pests here, who are indeed capable of ruining your holidays by taking up residence in the decorations you set up. Want to keep them at bay? Then here are some tips that you ought to follow:

Inspect Your Old Decorating Essentials Properly

In order to get ready for the Christmas break, you might have started looking into old boxes containing figurines, twinkling lights, ornaments and wreaths. However, you ought to bear in mind that these essentials were lying in your basement, garage or attic throughout the year. Chances are that pests may have been using them as shelter all this time. Therefore, take the boxes outside, unpack them there and check for pest infestation signs like rodent droppings, gnawing marks, shed skin, etc.

Check The Green Embellishments

We can all agree upon the fact that the Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands impart a sense of absoluteness to the festival of X-mas. As such, using them as embellishments for the celebrations is a must. However, make sure you inspect the green decorations thoroughly, since they are also quite infamous for housing pests like mites, spiders, moths and so on. Otherwise, you will be unknowingly allowing the critters to infest your home and gradually increase in numbers.

Hire A Pest Control Professional

This is perhaps the most important measure that you must implement in order to save yourself the hassles of dealing with pests during your Christmas holidays. Locate a reputed business specialising in pest control in Melbourne. Request them to perform suitable inspections for detecting the presence of any pest in your abode. The professional will make use of the right tools and techniques for chasing away any critter that is found. Besides that, he or she will also provide effective suggestions which you can use to prevent future infestations.

So, use these tips to keep your Christmas decorations pest-free and enjoy the festival in all its glory with your family and friends.


2 thoughts on “Want To Keep Pests Off Your Christmas Decorations? Follow These Tips

  1. I also suggest taping up boxes or using storage bins with “click locks” on them to help avoid an invasion of pests in the future. Good post 🙂

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