Why Are Wasps So Aggressive In Summer?

Every year, during the summer season, the population of wasps seems to balloon and spread throughout Melbourne. This is nothing unusual for us. But what bothers us most is the fact that soon enough, someone or the other will get stung by these notorious critters and have to be rushed to hospital.

Why do wasps tend to be so aggressive around this time of the year? Is it the heat that drives them crazy, or something else? For finding answers to these questions, it is important to have some basic knowledge about these vicious creatures.

Wasps, especially many of those belonging to yellow jacket and hornet species, are congenitally social insects. They generally reside in colonies that consist of female workers assigned with the task of tending to their fertile mother and younger sisters. Each year, a colony starts building its home from scratch after the arrival of spring. A new queen emerges and begins constructing the nest using spit and wood pulp. She continues to work alone until she raises her very own worker daughters.

Sometimes, a colony of yellow jackets or hornets can multiply up to a 1000 workers, who dutifully take care of the larvae, pupae and eggs. The larvae, which undergo substantial transformations before becoming adults, require a lot of raw nutrients throughout their growing process. And in order to feed them, the worker wasps begin hunting for different kinds of crop pests like crickets, flies and caterpillars. Some species even obtain protein from carrion and dead insects. It is during these quests that they frequently cross the path of humans, us.


Wasps also come face to face with us more frequently during late summer, when their larvae siblings mature into adults and leave the nest, ready to form their own colonies. The worker wasps then start invading human dwellings in order to satiate their craving for sugary foods such as soda, ice cream, fruits and so on. And upon encountering humans, they defend themselves by using their long and venomous stinger.

If your residence is situated in one of those parts of Melbourne where wasps frequent all throughout summer, then you ought to get in touch with a pest exterminator providing effective wasp control services. Simply call in the professional, explain your hornet or yellow jacket situation to them and they will do the rest of the work. Don’t try to deal with the pests all by yourself in the hopes of saving money, you might have to spend more on hospital bills later.


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