Tips To Establish A Productive Office Cubicle

Office Cubicle

Setting up a typical office cubicle by placing a desk, a revolving chair and some file cabinets is easy, but turning the same cubicle into a space that encourages your productivity is an entirely different thing. You will need more than just your workstation to make that happen. Here are a few tips that can help you to accomplish it:

Make Your Seating Comfortable :

If the interior of your cubicle feels like winter all the time, it can have an adverse effect on your work performance. Therefore, keep a small blanket or shawl ready on the back of your chair. Research has shown that warmer room temperatures can reduce typing errors and give a boost to typing output. Besides that, when you are not feeling cold, you will be able to concentrate better.

Use A Stress Ball :-

According to several studies, squishy stress balls can help to cope with stress and make better decisions when squeezed in the left hand. As such, have one of those balls close at hand whenever you are working. If you feel the work pressure spiking, vent it out on the squishy toy.

Install Desk Power Grommet :-

Having to bend for plugging the charger of your phone into the outlet under your desk can be a distraction to work. To make things easier, install a desk power grommet on your work surface. It generally comes with multiple ports along with traditional plug-points. Whether your tablet is out of battery or your laptop needs a power source, you will have it all right on your desk.

Always Keep A Water Bottle Within Reach :-

Staying hydrated while working is important because it helps the brain to function more effectively. Thus, make sure you always have a water bottle present on top of your desk. It will encourage you to take more bathroom breaks, thereby allowing your body the pauses necessary for taking stress off your mind.

Organise Your Space :-

Keep your desk space clutter-free and organised. Eliminate anything that is unnecessary or not required at the moment. Place a small trash bin next to the table and used it as a harbour for bits of paper, used pen refills, broken paper clips, etc. Don’t let your work space turn into a mess.

Thus, follow the above mentioned tips to transform your plain and simple cubicle into a performance boosting hub and get your work done quickly.


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