Tips To Shoo Away Rodents From A Restaurant

rodent-at-resturantsRodents are small critters that carry various harmful diseases. Discovering rodents in the kitchen of your restaurant is a pretty terrible thing because they can ruin your reputation and contaminate the food items. Rats and mice love to stay in the restaurants because of two important things – food and shelter. They can enter into the cleanest areas at any point of time and spread harmful pathogens. But according to experts providing rodent control in Melbourne, there are certain prevention methods that can be followed in order to keep these little critters out of the kitchen and restaurant area. Stated below are some of them, have a look:

1. Check for any cracks or holes – Cracks or holes present inside a restaurant serve as one of the main entryways for rodents to gain access to the kitchen area. These creatures have the ability to enter a place even through the tiniest of holes or openings. Rats can also be drawn to a restaurant by good aroma from the freshly cooked food. Since they have a weak eyesight, they greatly rely on their sense of smell and follow the aroma, ultimately creeping through the holes and entering the kitchen. Thus, it is important to check and survey the entire area for any crack, hole or opening. If you find such entryways, seal them using a good sealer.

2. Check out the bathrooms – Rodents can also be found in washrooms and toilets of restaurants. They have a tendency to live in sewers. As such, they can easily crawl up sewer pipelines and then gradually enter the toilet of your restaurant. This is one of the most common problems that restaurant owners face. In order to deal with this problem, it is suggested to use plastic one way valves on the pipelines which will help the waste to go down and prevent rats and mice from coming up.

3. Check for other insects – In spite of maintaining a cleanest kitchen area, rodents can still enter your restaurant if they find other small insects such as ants or bugs in there. Besides the tasty food of your restaurant, rats and mice will also love to have small insects as their food. Thus in order to keep the kitchen area free of any kind of pest, it is imperative that you implement appropriate pest preventive methods 

Thus, in order to maintain a rodent-free restaurant, following all the above mentioned tips are a must.


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