Make The Best Use Of Your Stairs

Stylish Stairs and Balustrades

Staircases are one of the most common features of homes, but seldom are they used to their fullest potential. Little do homeowners realise the endless possibilities offered by staircases, which can provide a great conjunction of functionality and design if planned properly. In fact, traditional staircases waste a lot of space underneath, and that unused space can be turned into effective storage with just a little bit of careful planning.

Let’s have a look at a few interesting and space-saving staircase designs popular in Perth:


Spiral Design

In case your home requires open spaces, you can replace your existing awkward staircase for one with a spiral design. Not only would it modify the overall visual appeal of your interiors, but also impart a chic and modern touch. In addition to that, the spiral design will provide access to space that was previously wasted and also make the area look compact.

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