Freight Industry Can Offer Huge Profits To North England


Recently, a report published by a certain economic partnership has brought to light the fact that road transport, logistics and the freight industry as a whole can bring around 55 billion euros worth of cost benefits to North England. As a result, there is a high probability that more than 38,000 new employment opportunities can be created alone by the freight forwarding sector in North England.

As per the Northern Freight & Logistics Report of the TfN (Transport for the North), the North side of England is a hotspot for logistics because it has got over one-third of roads, port activity, distribution centres and rails in UK under its control. That is a lot to handle for a place whose population is not more than 24 percent of that of the entire nation. And much of that can be attributed to the strategically located ports in North East and North West. These ports provide an ideal base for importing and distributing shipped-in freight, which are then supplied nationwide via road freight.

The NF&L report of TfN further goes on to identify the logistics in Northern England as one of the major drivers of economic growth in the region. And it is quite safe to agree with the predictions being made by the TfN, since it comprises a large number of central government representatives (including Department for Transport and Highways England), local enterprise partnerships and businesses. The association is entrusted with the responsibility of developing transport links within the region.

Malcolm Bingham, Head of Policy of Freight Transport Association in Northern England acknowledged the potential of road freight services as well as efforts of the TfN. He said that it’s great to have TfN recognising the potential of logistics and public policy to contribute towards economic growth of all sectors. He further added that anything which helps in making this even more efficient would be greatly appreciated by everyone in UK.

The report by TfN has also revealed that there are plenty of social benefits which can be amassed by supporting water and rail freight movements. However, development of roads is also needed for streamlining shipment of goods all over UK. The government has proposed to do so by initiating new road construction projects. From the current scenario, it is quite evident that the sector of road freight will continue to scale new heights within UK in the years to come.


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