Are Bees Swarming Around Your House?


Spring season in Australia is usually the ideal time for bees to come out from their hives and swarm around human dwellings. These swarms can be of serious concern for homeowners with small kids and pets. Therefore, it is important to take precautions for staying safe and preventing mishaps:

  • When you encounter bees swarming around your property, bring inside pets and children if they are playing in the garden or backyard. Remain indoors for at least half an hour or more if needed. See if the swarm has clustered on some object or a bush. Most of the bees would cease flying when the group has clustered. You can then carry on with your outdoor activities safely.
  • Stay away from the swarm until it leaves or you find some way to get rid of it.
    In case the bees have settled somewhere on the ground, make sure you wear proper footwear to protect your feet from stings.
  • Never ever try to pelt stones at, smoke or hose the swarm because it might make them aggressive and they would sting you in order to defend themselves.
    Under no circumstances should you make attempts to eliminate a swarm or colony of bees all by yourself. Attack from an entire colony can be really dangerous, and might even send you to the hospital.

If a swarm of bees settles at a certain place on your property, the most prudent thing you can do is have them removed with the help of professionals. There are plenty of reputed firms that provide bee pest control in Melbourne. Get in touch with any one of them as soon as possible. Do not allow the colony time to establish a hive on your property and proliferate. In case they become successful in doing so, it can get very difficult as well as expensive to remove them. Besides that, they may even become aggressive because of adverse weather conditions and paucity of pollen & nectar. Then they will start stinging even if no disturbance is caused to them.

Swarming bees are not a threat to human beings unless provoked or disturbed. They are beneficial for the environment in a number of ways. Therefore, do not ever try to kill them, except when they become very dangerous for you and your family. Your first resort should always be seeking assistance from professionals.


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