Tips For Shipping Goods From China To UK

When it comes to sourcing goods from China, there are several considerations that importers have to make. Among those to-be-considered factors are included ideal shipping method, cargo safety, legal necessities, etc. While the most suitable delivery option depends entirely on the prevailing circumstances, there are always helpful tips and ideas that can be followed to simplify the process.

The two most common questions that an importer is faced with while shipping from China to UK are which shipping mode should be chosen and which party must manage the shipment. The foremost determining factor in all of it is the cost, which acts as the stepping stone towards choosing the best freight forwarding method. However, the differences in charges and transit time of the different modes also play a very important role.

The cheapest of all means is the regular China post with a transit time ranging from 2 to 5 weeks. For those who have plenty of time at their disposal, it is good. But regular post is quite unsafe due to delayed updates about location of the package.

For newbie importers, express courier can be a great way to obtain goods from China. The shipping method is blessed with online tracking and quick delivery. If something goes wrong, there is always a tracking number that can help to resolve the issue.

In case of large and heavy products that need to be sourced in the least span of time possible, international air freight is the best. Though transit time varies as per flight schedules, it generally ranges between 2 to 10 days. However, air freight cannot bring in bulky and massive goods, and that’s where sea freight serves as the perfect mode. Transit time for sea freight can range from 15 days to even a couple of months, depending on the location of the importer. But it is a lot cheaper than its air counterpart.

Although some importers want to handle goods sourced from China on their own, the task can be very onerous and overwhelming. Therefore, it is better to work with two freight forwarders, one in China and other in UK. The former would help in ensuring faster delivery and the latter will provide convenience. That way, the entire process will be handled with care and efficiency.

In addition to following these facts, an importer should stay abreast with latest developments in the international trade market.


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