Safer Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents

Rodents are both a health hazard and a nuisance to humans as they create a lot of mess, damage properties and produce unpleasant smell wherever they breed. Rat infestation in homes are prevalent all year round and identifying their droppings near food supplies or shredded fabric are the first signs of their presence. Various diseases are also spread by rat and mice through their excrement. Fortunately, however, you can implement various steps to minimize the problems caused by these pests in your home.

Store food in sealed containers
Rats and mice are less likely to stay in homes or areas where there is not much food to consume. In most cases, rodents breed in homes in search of food. Therefore, it is necessary to keep all food and other edible supplies in sealed or air-tight containers. They can also be placed in cabins, refrigerators or cupboards that would be safe from rodent invasion.

Peppermint oil application
As a natural deterrent, peppermint oil is used to drive away rodents in places where they are present in large numbers as the smell of the oil is just too intense for them to bear. Besides, the oil can mask the scent of tasty morsels of food.

Take out the garbage regularly
Another effective method to get rid of rodents is to take out the garbage regularly. Rodents can smell left over food and rotting vegetables that are present in the garbage. Thus, the trash can should be kept further away from home so that these pests would not venture inside and destroy the valuable resources which are stored for the family.

Usage of organic, commercial deterrents
Many companies that offer the services of rodent control in Melbourne provide effective measures to get rid of these rodents through chemical solutions using necessary tools and techniques.

The ultrasonic sound method
After noticing the path that the rodents take frequently, you can successfully use an electronic unit that emits ultrasonic beeping sound to scare the pests away from the home.

Setting traps
Using traps instead of rodent poisons can be more effective when dealing with rats and mice. You will also be able to dispose off the rodent immediately instead of having to tolerate the foul smell of rotting and poisoned carcass inside your walls, roofs and in places that are hard to reach. Once all rodents are gone, you should remove the traps promptly by putting them in a secure plastic bag.

If you confirm the presence of rodents in your home, practice hygienic sanitation tactics and apply these techniques so that it will help you get rid of rodents in the safest way and cost-effective method.


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