Different Kinds of Decorative Concrete

Different Kinds of Decorative Concrete

Nowadays, concrete has become a popular as well as flexible paving & building material. Plenty of people are opting for it as an ideal material to create various decorative finishes with exquisite trendy effects. Decorative concrete finishes not only give a complete makeover to the mundane material, but also deliver a visually pleasing place cost-effectively.

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of decorative concrete that can be used for paving exterior surfaces:

Knockdowns :-
Knockdowns are a great option to go with when there is a need to make an exterior concrete surface look like some high quality flooring. They are available in a plethora of finishes, which means one can choose from finishes of stone, tile or even brick. Since knockdowns are normally textured, they have a slip-resistant surface and can prevent mishaps.

Acid Stain :-
This is perhaps the most commonly preferred decorative concrete finish and also very affordable. Its installation does not necessitate too much effort and impart a highly picturesque beauty to any area. In other words, it helps to create a surface that is glossy & smooth as well as stylish & industrial. It is generally used on floors of hotels, home terraces, luxury lofts, cafe patios and art museums. It represents the stark exquisiteness of concrete aesthetically and exemplarily.

Trowel :-
There are plenty of exterior concrete contractors in Calgary who provide trowel finish. The trowel-on involves augmenting a surface with a thin waterproof cement coating, followed by manual troweling of the coating in order to create different patterns resembling rippled stone finish. It is opted for by homeowners, business lobbies, restaurants, outdoor walkways and patios. It comes in a plethora of color options to choose from.

Stamped Overlays :-
Stamped overlays are meant for those exterior concrete surfaces that need to look like pavers or bricks. Nowadays, they can be simply applied from the top without pulling out the slabs. The process is quite similar to that of trowelling, except that the surface is stamped instead of being troweled. Stamped overlays can make any space seem like a brick walkway, natural stone pavers or even a flagstone courtyard. They are also not at all expensive and come in a variety of texture & color options.

While choosing any decorative concrete finish, it is important to consider the specifications of the surface concerned. Doing so can help to make the most appropriate choice.


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