Spiders Commonly Found In Australia

spider control
Some deadly creatures on planet like man-eating sharks, deadliest snakes on earth and a bird that can kill a man are found in Australia. For arachnaphobic, thousands of species of spiders are also found.

Sydney Funnel-web Spider

This is one of the dangerous spiders in the whole world. It is aggressive and has proven to be deadly on several occasions. It attacks and attempts to bite anything that threatens it. When attacking, it clings onto the unfortunate person and bites repeatedly making sure that a full dose of poison is transferred. Generally the male spiders deliver deadliest bites. Records suggest that Sydney Funnel-web Spider is responsible for thirteen deaths till now.

Redback Spider

It is a venomous spider in Australia. No one should mess with it. The effects of the toxin can range from localised pain to a systemic condition called latrodectism. About two thousand to ten thousand people are being bitten by this spider every every year.

Mouse Spider

This kind of spider lives in burrows. Its venom and powerful jaws allow it to take its prey as large as mammals, frogs and small lizards. It can inflict a nasty bit on people. Although the venom’s toxicity varies between species, it’s said that the one, which is most potent is as harmful as that of Sydney Funnel-web Spider.

Common Garden Orb Weaver Spider

This kind of spider is commonly located in the gardens of Australia where it’s found to weave a detailed orb shaped web. It’s same like garden spiders of the world with its big & bulky abdomen & distinctive patterning. It is nocturnal and builds its web near to lights where insects are usually attracted.

Although it is nocturnal, it is a commonly encountered spider in the country. It is not usually aggressive. It is a big spider and may bite. The bite is however mild resulting in little bit of local pain & short term swelling.

Sydney Brown Trapdoor Spider

It can strike terror to those who unintentionally disturb it. Its looks are quite scary and is mistaken quite often for dangerous Sydney Funnel-web spider. It is not as venomous as Funnel-web. Moreover, although its bite is painful, it is nothing beyond the general swelling. Mild systemic symptoms have also been reported.

Huntsman Spider

It is hairy, big and fast moving. Its leg span up to 5ins and is usually seen racing across the walls. It doesn’t have a web & hunts its prey like cockroaches with speed. Huntsman spiders are very common in Australia and are not aggressive usually. However, they can bite. Their bites happen to be painful but not harmful. It causes systemic effects like headache, nausea and palpitations.

Black House Spider

This is a black spider living indoors. It’s common in Australia and can reach a maximum leg span of about 30cm. It can build a tangled web with funnel-like retreat. The web may become quite extensive and messy, which is mainly the reason they get into contact with human beings.

If you come across any of these spiders inside your house, all you will need to do is take immediate action before they become a menace. For that you will either need to follow some tips to control spiders in your house or call in a professional who especially deals with spider pest control in Melbourne. No matter what, don’t let these spiders build webs or bite you.


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