How To Restore An Ercol Furniture?

How To Restore An Ercol FurnitureErcol furniture are known to be as one of the most popular and unique pieces of English furniture. Among so many pieces, Windsor chair is one of the most popular and common ones. However, these furniture need some occasional restoration works to increase and improve their overall longevity. Owners of Ercol furniture can easily restore and repair these pieces if they have proper tools and materials with them. But, before proceeding with the work, it is suggested to take some advises from professional experts providing the services of ercol restorations .

Have a look at the necessary tools and materials that are required to repair a damaged ercol furniture –

1. Stripping knife
2. 240 grit sandpaper
3. Paint brushes
4. Cotton cloth
5. Wire wool strips
6. Varnish remover
7. Wood oil
8. Wood glue

Given below is the restoration process:

1. Strip the old finish coats:First strip away and remove the old coats of varnish. Then apply the varnish remover on a paint brush, and dab the surface instead of brushing on it hardly. To get the best result, follow the instruction imprinted on the varnish remover container. Use a stripping knife to remove the first coat, while on the other hand, a rag can mop away the other subsequent applications. Number 4 steel will help to remove the harder varnish.

2. Sanding the wooden surfaces: Sanding the wood of an Ercol furniture will help you with two benefits – it gives the old furniture a new finish and it also removes the old finishes. 240 grit sandpaper is enough to remove the old finishes. However, make sure not to use too much of pressure while sanding the surface.

3. Repairing the loose spindles: The bars or spindles is the prior element that provides support to the back of an ercol windsor chair. But these spindles get loosen up over time because of several reasons such as glue separation or wood shrinkage. So instead of using cheap products, use some reputed and quality wood glue which are available in both hardware as well as online stores. Spread the glue to join the two wood pieces.

4. Apply a finish material: The most popular finishing material is the wood oil. It comes with a lot of benefits and makes the product look brand. Wood oil can be wiped on the furniture with dry clean cotton cloth.

Thus, whenever you see ercol furniture starting to get damaged, start to take precautionary steps and consider all the above mentioned points.


One thought on “How To Restore An Ercol Furniture?

  1. Thank you Amelia, very good advice, I did know some of what you shared with Ron being a French Polisher when he was younger, l use to watch him restore furniture.

    I just wish it was as easy to restore this Grannie Annie but than I would not enjoy the wisdom of advancing years or the extra time I have now even though the upholstery is sagging a bit Lol.

    Blessings – Anne.

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