The Pros Of Air Freight Forwarding Services

The Pros Of Air Freight Forwarding Services (1)

There are different kinds of freight forwarding services, and each of them has its own unique benefits. For instance, sea freight allows movement of bulky goods affordably. On the other hand, courier service can make quick and urgent deliveries possible. But what about the mode that involves shipment of cargo via air? Well, let’s take a look at the primary plus points of air freight forwarding service:

Fast & Reliable
Air freight is a far better option compared to its sea and road counterparts when there’s a need to move goods quickly. Besides that, the departure and arrival times of cargo flights are extremely reliable because airlines generally tend to be atop their schedules.

Broad Network
Air freight usually posses a broad network consisting of various destinations throughout the globe. As such, an exporter can ship their goods to nearly any place across the world that they want.

Huge Savings
Since the shipping time for air freight is relatively short, so is the insurance premium. Though the mode of shipment does not come cheap at all, it can actually help to save a lot due to low coverage costs.

High Security
Shipping via air ensures a high level of security for any cargo, especially valuable items. The management of airport safety regulations over shipments is usually very tight. Risks related to damage and theft are significantly reduced as such.

Less Warehousing
As has been mentioned already, air freight has very quick transit times. This means that local warehousing is not required as much because items need not be kept in stock. Customs clearance and cargo inspection – both are more efficient. Goods are often cleared in a matter of a few hours.

Extensive Packaging Not Needed
Air shipments normally need less extensive packaging compared to sea freight. This allows exporters to save time as well as money required for packing goods using materials to ensure their safety.

Ease Of Trackability
There are many air freight forwarding companies who provide various advanced means such as web applications, email notifications, etc. for tracking cargo. Thus, importers can keep tabs on their shipment right from its departure up to arrival at the destination.
There are plenty of benefits that both importers and exporters can reap by shipping their goods via airplanes. There is a lot to save in terms of time and money. In addition to that, loss of goods is also very less because of high safety.


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