Locksmith Services – Types & Their Description

In general, all of us are somewhat familiar with the work of locksmiths. When asked, most people would say that they are professionals who can repair locks and make keys. However, their area of work is more diversified and has several branches, each having its own specific experts. Some work in residential buildings, others extend their services to commercial structures, still others specialise in automotive locking mechanisms, and so on.

Given below are the four main kinds of locksmiths and the descriptions of their work:

residential locksmiths


Residential locksmiths are the most common of all because their services have a big demand in Sydney. They can easily make duplicate keys and also produce replacement for lost ones. In addition to that, they also install locks in doors as well as various storage places such as drawers and cabinets. Moreover, they can offer suitable advice as to what kind of security devices a residential structure needs. Highly experienced professionals are even appropriately equipped for installing security systems such as access control, safes and CCTV systems.

Automotive locksmiths


As the name suggests, these experts are called solving for issues related to the locks and keys of vehicles. If someone accidentally locks the keys to their car inside the vehicle, it is an automotive locksmith in Sydney who helps to retrieve them. Experts working in this area are busier than their residential counterparts because plenty of people misplace or lose their car keys everyday. They are highly knowledgeable of the different security systems used in modern cars. They can easily open locked automobiles without comprising their windows or alarms.

Commercial locksmiths


These professionals cater their services mainly to different kinds of businesses. Their work involves provision of security solutions and systems for office buildings, schools, factories, warehouses, government buildings, etc. They can help with various commercial security installations like keyless entry systems, digital padlocks, master key systems, electronic locks, window locks and so on. Their multifarious skills also include key cutting, re-keying lost keys and 24/7 emergency lock out services.

Forensic locksmiths


Forensic locksmiths generally work with the cops and may be brought in for investigating break-ins. They carry special tools for gathering evidence as to how perpetrators managed to breach the security of a place. They can even troubleshoot tampered alarm systems and report about them to the police.

Thus, these are the most popular types of locksmiths operating in Sydney. Some may be more in demand than the rest, but each one of them is important for the services they offer.


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