Terminate Those Roaches!

cockroach pest control
Well,well!From times immemorial cockroaches have made cleanliness and hygiene their enemy. So, no matter what you do clean your house, these little and creepy creatures will turn up from crevices,nooks and corners of your beautiful home or office!Now the question is then how to terminate these roaches?

Cockroaches:Who are They

First,let us get to know what are we dealing with here; after all it is essential to know your enemy well!Cockroaches are old, damn old. Their existence date back to as far as the Carboniferous period(literally the coal-bearig period).They belong to the order of Blattodea,and occur in 4600 species out of which 30 are generically found to have a habitat in the human household. They enter the house through vents,pipes,sewers,open sewage,waste baskets; and carry harmful microbes and disease-infecting bacteria in their saliva,contaminating anything and everything they put their dirty mouths to. Yack!

How to get rid of them

1.Clean house regularly: Cockroaches thrive on food and water. Thereby, the first step in exterminating them should be making sure that food crumbs should be mopped up regularly. All food should be kept covered.

2.Fix any leaks,whatsoever- Cockroaches can survive either in a warm habitat or in a cold one. They can even live up to a month without food or water the two most important things that are needed for survival. So, if the house or office is infested with these pests, make sure to find any leaking water spots and fix them. Remember you are dealing with an enemy, which has a significant stamina!Huh!

3.Using various mixes- A mix of boric acid,white granulated sugar and white flour made into a dough can be applied near infected places. A mix of boric acid,white flour and cocoa powder can even work well. Water kept in a jar fixed with a funnel can also attract the cockroaches. The water will be acting as a killing agent.

4.Using chemical gels-The chemical gels are to be placed near the site of infestation and after a roach consumes it, it will generally bring back more of its members. This, in turn will exterminate the whole bunch of them in a matter of two weeks.

5.Cockroach foggers-The use of foggers release a mist of chemical pesticide into the air. When cockroaches inhale this air, they are sure to die. One problem with this process,however, is that the air often fails to reach the nooks and crevices where the cockroaches hide.

6.Call the big boys- If you try all this and still a cockroach looks at you with a disgusting smirk of their antennae, call up the pest control boys who offer domestic and commercial pest control in Melbourne as they will make sure that these unholy creatures do not visit your home for some time.

Cockroaches can really be harmful for your health. So, if your abode or commercial space is infested with cockroaches, make you follow the above mentioned techniques to get rid of them.


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