Services Commonly Offered By Shipping Companies

sIt is needless to say that different shipments necessitate different kinds of freight forwarding services. In UK, most of the logistics management firms provide a wide range of services to retail, commercial and industrial clients. They also offer storage options and help clients in clearing the customs as well. Let’s have a look at the services most commonly offered by shipping companies:

Air Freight

Almost every reputed logistics management firm in UK provides domestic and international air freight services for those who need to ship cargo quickly over long distances. Moving shipment via air is a highly secured & time-saving process. Besides that, clients are also allowed to customise it as per their needs.

Sea Freight

The service of sea freight mainly involves the movement of goods via sea in large containers. It is typically used for transporting heavy items that cannot be forwarded either via road or air, such as mining supplies, heavy machinery & equipment, oil well drilling materials and so on.

Road Freight

For people who need to transport a small amount of cargo either within UK or throughout Europe, road freight is more than ideal. Firms offering this service generally possess the vehicles, technology and expertise required to move basically any specialised item or palletised good as per client specifications. The significance of road freight in UK is quite evident from the fact that it has turned into a frequently chosen utility.

MNS Freight   International Shipping Agents Provides Freight Forwarding ServicesCourier Service

The effectiveness of this service depends on the firm that is offering it. In case the company is a putative and experienced one, they would be able to courier urgent items cost-effectively, be it an important documentation or small package. They will also possess robust tracking facilities to trace any parcel according to client needs.

Customs Clearance

Almost every logistics management company offers customs clearance services for part as well as full container loads. They specialise in various entry types and even provide advice on tariff codes, port health, trade with EU members, reliefs, CFSP, import/export entries, and so on.

Thus, these are the services frequently offered by freight forwarding companies in UK. However, not all of them can be provided effectively by every firm. It is, therefore, important to thoroughly scrutinise the experience and reputation of a freight forwarder before hiring them. Otherwise, one can end up with inferior quality services, which may further result in waste of time as well as money.


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