How To Choose A Good Air Freight Forwarder?

The most essential elements within global supply chains are visibility and timing. However, there is one thing more vital, without which a supply chain cannot be regulated properly, and that thing is a good air freight forwarder. Most businesses in Nigeria get confused while on the hunt for an efficient service provider because there are always so many available in the market. However, following a few tips can help in making the task of selection much easier. These tips have been described below elaborately, have a look:

Broad Portfolio:

It is important to partner with a reputed air freight forwarder who can produce an extensive portfolio showing that they have successfully handled various types of cargo in the recent past. This allows one to have a better position for reacting to unanticipated changes tactfully. Besides that, it also provides increased security as well as speed in addition to decreasing cargo hand-offs among networks.

Air Freight Forwarder

Air Freight Forwarder

Forwarder-cum-Customs Broker:

An experienced air freight forwarder must have knowledge about in-house regulation so that they can reduce the risk of delays triggered by customs compliance problems. The approach of forwarder-cum-customs broker ensures simplified movement of cargo as well as complete visibility of brokerage & transportation milestones.

Must Add Value To Bottom Line:

In general, most air logistics management companies offer economies of scale with established networks and commercial options. However, a skilled provider of international and domestic air freight services will be able to provide advanced technological solutions, customised transit options and flexibility as per one’s requirements.

Competitive Transit Times:

While evaluating the efficacy of an air freight forwarder, it is important to make sure that they can provide competitive transit times for shipments. The company in consideration ought to possess a global footprint having dedicated capacity for ensuring timely deliveries.

Streamlined Invoicing & Manifesting:

Most efficient forwarders make use of technology for streamlining the shipment process, billing and invoicing to increase billing accuracy and save time. It can be highly beneficial to partner with a service provider who offers solutions like paperless customs clearance invoicing, electronic billing and electronic interchange of data.

Proactive Shipment Monitoring:

Last but not the least, a putative air freight forwarder ought to provide monitoring systems for tracking shipments in addition to a dedicated team who would inform about any irregularities. This allows for quick and proactive responses to a client or organization.

Though these are not all, yet they are the most important things that should be looked for in a good air freight forwarder.


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