Has The Remote To Your Garage Door Stopped Working?

Garage Door Stopped
All of a sudden, while trying to get your car out from garage one fine morning, you find out that the remote control to your garage door is not working properly. First of all, such a thing can be very annoying because it means you will have to open the entrance door manually. Secondly, there are many things you can do about the problem, but finding its cause is the most important.

Prior to anything else, verify that the issue is with your remote and not the opener. In case you have several remotes, grab another one and check whether it works. This is one way of confirming that the problem is with the remote. Another way is to activate the opener manually. Once you have verified that the remote is at fault, determine the cause of the problem. Given below are some of the most likely reasons:


Were you aware of the fact that temperatures are capable of affecting a garage remote control’s functionality? Actually, it is the safety sensors inside the control device, which are a portion of the opener’s mechanism, that get affected. These sensors sit inside steel housings and in extremely cold or hot weather, the housings can contract or expand. As a result, the infrared beams given out by the sensors may get misaligned.

Only a good car locksmith can realign the sensors for fixing the problem, so make sure you call one immediately.

Bad Circuitry

It might be possible that your remote has just died due to problems which developed in the internal circuitry. In that case, the option left for you is getting a replacement. Your best bet would be buying a universal remote, which can work with all manufacturers in Sydney. It can also be programmed very easily, which means your new control device should be up and running in seconds.


Did you press the button of your garage remote while quite a great distance away from the door? You probably flirted with the functioning boundaries of the control device. Maybe it worked in the past from an equivalent distance. But you were just out of range this time. Move closer to the door and try pressing the button again. If the opener works, there is nothing wrong with the device and you were just too far away.

Now that you know the reasons for which a garage remote can stop working, go ahead and check your device to determine the cause of the problem.


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