Pest Control Tips For Winter

Pest Control Tips For Winter
Winter is about to arrive soon. But the problem with winter is that, home owners often have to deal with increased pest activities. For example, cockroaches keep on creeping out from kitchen cabinets, ants continue to crawl into the house and termites munch on wooden furniture. In order to prevent them from overrunning a house, all one needs to do is take some effective steps for exercising control. Have a look at the checklist given below for certain things that you need to consider to keep pests away before arrival of winter.

Remove all food sources:
Don’t ever leave your food unsealed. Always prefer to store the food in tight and sealed containers. If you have pets in your home, then consider to store their food in a sealed container as well. Pests such as cockroaches, ants and mouse are specially attracted to left over food.

Lock your home!
In order to prevent the entrance of pests, especially rodents, you must seal all potential entryways in your house. This can be done by caulking up all the holes and cracks present in and around your abode. You can use automatic weather strips or weather seals. Do you know that a mouse can even enter through a tiny hole of 6 mm whereas a rat can squeeze through a small hole of 12 mm diameter? Thus, seal all holes using small gauge mesh or similar other materials.

Clean the clutter:
Another important factor that you need to consider before the arrival of winter is to throw away all unwanted rubbish from your home. Check for hidden stuffs like unused papers, old boxes and so on. However, it is important to re-inspect the storage spaces regularly in order to discourage mice and rats infestations. Alternatively, you can use metal containers instead of cardboard to store your necessary things in order to prevent cockroaches and rodents.

Call a pest inspector:
If you are still unsure about all the above mentioned steps, then simply consult with an expert. There are lots of organisations who offer quality pest control services in Melbourne. Thus, in order to get more satisfactory results, find and hire a pest control expert who can do the job effectively for you.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up and start working with all the above stated pest control steps to enjoy the joyful months of winter with your family in a pest-free home!


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