Decorate Your Walls Without Using Paints





So the walls of your living room have become old & outdated, and you have already started making plans to get them painted. However, have you given a thought to the alternatives available in UK that you can use for decorating your walls instead of paint? We bet you didn’t, and that is why we are going to discuss some of those alternatives in this blog that are a lot cheaper than paint:-

Metallic Covering:-

It can be possible that you have never heard of this thing before. This is because metallic covering is quite a modern substitute to paints that several homeowners have already reaped the benefits of. It is made using a lustrous plant fibre and metallic thread applied on a thick wallpaper. The whole thing is overlaid using a finish that increases its durability. It offers a heavier and sturdier composition that is bound to last for a long period of time.



Another excellent alternative to paints is wallpaper, especially the ones which can be stripped or peeled off whenever required. They do not leave behind any residue when removed and that’s why, you can easily replace them with new ones after some time. Besides that, self adhesive removal wallpaper is not at all expensive. Thus, you do not need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.



Wood Veneer:-

Although this option has traditionally adorned basements, nowadays it is also being used for decorating the inner walls of a house. Wood veneer normally comes in plenty of colour options, ranging from light burgundy to dark brown. It is a fantastic option if you need to soundproof your rooms.



Wainscoting is essentially wooden beadboard and white in colour. It is available in two distinct design options – tongue & groove fibreboard panels and plywood beadboards. You can install it from mid wall right up to the floor, as well as match it with the interior decor.

valorie hart fabric wall 1



Fabrics used for decorating walls can be bought from any local linen store. You can install these fabrics on your own by stretching them over your wall at first and then securing with the help of nails and thumbtacks. Alternatively, you may buy foam boards as high as your room, place the fabrics on them and attach those boards to your walls.


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