Training Received By Security Officers

security serviceIn Australia, security guards or officers are generally entrusted with tasks like prevention of retail theft, residential patrol, commercial protection, and so on. At the time of employment, they are requested to produce documentation for validating that they have completed their training successfully. Security guards normally obtain their training from authorised centres offering such courses.

The different types of training offered to aspiring security guards often vary with centres, the requirements of a company hiring them and specialities that the candidates may wish to pursue. Besides special centres, courses are also made available on-site, in-house, online, or even in the combination of these. Some facilities offer bare minimal training that is considered necessary by regulations while others provide more. It can be retail, industrial or residential.

A security officer can be responsible for safeguarding people, products, and facility. Their duty may also include retail and commercial distribution, manufacturing and industrial, and residential. As such, their training includes courses that cover all these areas as well. However, the training for personal security can be different from that for facility safety. But a reputed centre might just provide courses for gaining knowledge about both.

Authorised or accredited centres often provide firearms training as a mandatory part of their courses. Many of them even teach how to use electric self-defense weapons such as stun batons and stun guns. Sometimes, non-confrontational communication like conflict resolution and crowd control are also taught so that candidates can learn how to handle a situation without being violent. There may also be personnel with the authority to issue appropriate government certification.

Sometimes, a typical company providing security guard may hire instructors for performing in-house or on-site training. These instructors usually perform on-site training where the guards would be working. In other words, they gear courses for addressing particular concerns and problems of individual facilities. In-house training saves time and money, and may also be customised for meeting specific needs of a company. Besides, it ensures that each candidate is adequately trained. It allows a firm to address its safety requirements and safeguard the privacy information of their information simultaneously.

Candidates who opt for online courses reap the benefits of accessibility to materials 24/7 and zero travel expense & time. There are many businesses who contract the services of online course providers for training their staff. However, online courses may fail to certify a candidate in weapons and firearms.


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