What Can A Customs Broker Do?

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Before going into details about the duties performed by customs brokers, let’s understand what they really do. They are professionals who generally provide a wide range of export and import services to small companies. There are many freight forwarding firms that deliver customs clearance services in UK.

For us individuals and small business owners, it can be of great help to fully comprehend the things professional customs brokers can do for their clients. Not only would it aid us in reaching new markets, but also help to keep the costs low.

Given below are a few important and beneficial things that a customs broker can do:

Aid In Reaching New Markets

A small successful business is required to place its products before customers. Now suppose those customers live miles away in another country. A customs broker with active presence in both nations can help goods to reach clients efficiently and quickly. He or she can also ensure timely delivery in case there is a need to import components and parts.

Offering Expert Advice

While a business owner keeps a keen eye on his or her trade, a customs broker can offer professional advice to him or her about transporting goods across borders via air, sea or road freight. They must also be able to provide guidance on tariffs, valuation, classification, customs regulations and more. They should have customs experts available as well, who can satisfy all possible queries. All of this can greatly help in saving money by reducing shipping costs.

Provide Bespoke Service

The needs of each and every business are unique, and a customs broker must be responsive and flexible to individual requirements. They should pay meticulous attention to details and also provide a dedicated representative, someone who can be reached easily. This dedicated contact can act as an extension of one’s business by anticipating their needs and expediting possible issues and concerns.

Use Technology For Saving Money & Time

Customs brokers should be able to offer technology tools and use particular systems which can help in increasing efficiency, regulating costs and reducing non-compliance risks. These include imaging solutions, e-billing options, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) tools, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) tools, and so on. Not only can these solutions reduce paperwork, but also simplify accounting and help a business to be in good terms with Customs.

While working with a customs broker, it is important to make sure that he or she can perform the above mentioned tasks.


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