Say Good Bye To Bed Bugs With These Simple Methods

Bed bugs are one of worst household pests in Melbourne. Their bites can cause a variety of problems including itching, blisters and rashes around the affected area. Their presence can very well act as an impedance to undisturbed sleep. Thus in order to sleep peacefully at night you must kick out these little disturbing creatures from your home.

Bed bugs

Stated below are the top remedies that can be used for keeping bedbugs away from your room. Have a look at the following:

1. Wash your fabrics: Bedbugs generally cannot tolerate hot water, which is why they can be killed easily by thoroughly washing all infected fabrics including shirts, bed sheets, linens, etc. Make sure that you allow the fabrics to stay in hot water for sometime before drying them.

2. Use hot steam: Even after you have removed bed bugs from your fabrics by cleaning them with hot water, it can be difficult for you to remove the eggs present within the mattresses. In order to get rid of the last trace of infestation, that is, the eggs, you can make use of hot steam. Bed bug eggs cannot survive the heat of hot steam.

3. Vacuum suspected places: Vacuuming is also an effective way to eliminate bedbugs. Using a powerful vacuum clean the suspected areas such as wardrobes, mattresses, computers, tables etc. Bed-bugs prefer to hide in all inaccessible areas of a home, including corners and cracks. Vacuum these spots as well. Alternatively, in order to get the best results, you can call a pest inspector providing services of bed bugs removal in Melbourne. Professional pest exterminators generally have the skills and tools required to eliminating large infestations of bed bugs within a short time.

4. Wipe down all the areas: Another popular remedy that can help to get rid of bed bugs is wiping out all the things and cleaning them properly. Clean rooms are the best way to make your home free from these pests. While wiping down everything, you can make use of a good disinfectant.

5. Cover the mattress and pillows: Once you have cleared out all signs of a bed bug infestation, encase all your pillow covers and mattresses.

Following the above mentioned tips can help you to get rid of bed bugs in your home so that you may sleep peacefully at night.


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