Top Spots For Anglers in Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast

whale watching

Most of us are well aware of the fact that Hervey Bay along with the World Heritage listed site of Fraser Coast ranks among the top holiday destinations in Australia. There are plenty of attractions in the place that can make any enthusiastic traveller or tourist stick around for days. Besides that, the Hervey Bay holiday apartment accommodation facilities and their affordably priced all-inclusive facilities are reasons enough for backpackers to come back more than once. However, there is one more thing pretty interesting about this place that locals as well as travellers just love – fishing.

Hervey Bay is a heaven for people who love to do fishing, and there are really easy spots for experienced anglers throughout the city. Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

Piers :


Stretched up to a length of 868 metres right from Hervey Bay is the Urangan Pier, where one can have a wonderful fishing experience at anytime of the day, be it low or high tide. In close proximity of the Kingfisher Bay Resort lies another great pier, where angling is almost equal to that of the Urangan Pier. There is even a shed close to the resort from where one can rent all kinds of fishing gear.

Beaches :

The beaches of Coonarr and Torquay are literally paradise for those who love to catch their own fish and cook it for dinner. There is even an eatery called Coast Restaurant situated quite close to the places with great ambience and food. The place is perfect for anglers to celebrate after catching more fish than they can handle.

Straits & Rivers :


Most straits and rivers in Hervey Bay are home to some really big species such as flatheads and giant trevally. The best thing would be to start the fishing trip right from Urangan Marina or River Heads, and the cruising up to the Great Sandy Strait. People visiting these places for the first time should hire a charter. Those who do not like going out into deep waters can swing their fishing rods in mary River or Maryborough. These rivers pack in some of the best fish species of Hervey Bay as well, such as cod and barramundi.

Apart from fishing, there are many other activities that one can enjoy. Those who dare can dive or snorkel at the top diving locations in Hervey Bay


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