Places To Check Out For Free in Hervey Bay

As we all know, Hervey Bay is undoubtedly a fantastic place to enjoy one’s vacation. The region is a heaven for people who can spend hours indulged in water sports and activities. Besides that, there is also the World Heritage listed site of Fraser Island in close proximity of the natural bay. Many people think that Hervey Bay is only for the rich and can be less enjoyed by those with a tight budget. Well that is nothing but another widespread rumour. On the contrary, there are many places which would not even charge a single penny for allowing visitors to have fun. Let’s have a look at some of those fabulous places in Hervey Bay:

Wetside Water Education Park

Wetside Water Education Park


Among the best things that can be enjoyed for free in the city of Hervey Bay, this water education having different water features and interactive slides is one. There is also a cafe-styled food shack offering tasty treats at incredibly affordable rates and a special area called TotSide for children under 5 years of age.



On almost every weekend, Hervey Bay hosts markets having plenty of stalls of arts and crafts, fresh produce, clothing, homewares and many other things. Taking a walk through one of the markets on a sunny afternoon can feel like pure bliss. The unparalleled charm is sure to leave any visitor with the desire to come back for more memorable experiences.



Situated at the end of the Boat Harbour Drive, the Hervey Bay Marina is an amazing place to laze a few hours by browsing quaint shops and watching the arrival and departure of various tour boats. If someone happens to visit the place on Friday, they would have the privilege of treating their senses to some incredibly good live music featured by the Marina Markets.

Matthew Flinders Lookout

 Fraser Island .jpg

This place is located in the more peaceful portion of the Esplanade that looks out over the Bay, the Fraser Island and some small islands. The Matthew Flinders Lookout is ideal for couples who wish to spend some quality time to themselves away from crowded retail stretch just off the Esplanade. The place features a wonderful BBQ area along with a playground.

There are even many places offering apartments accommodation in Hervey Bay at affordable rates. Most of these accommodation facilities organise various recreational trips like whale watch tours, visits to Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island, and so on for enthusiastic guests.


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