Technology Used in American Correctional Facilities

Prison personnel all throughout America depend on technology 24/7 for keeping the facilities secure. Technology enables them to keep an eye on prisoner activities as well as for preventing incursion of contraband within a correctional facility. It also provides security guards with effective means and protection for subduing inmates.

Let’s have at some of the common forms of technology used in American prisons:

surveillance system

Surveillance System :

Prison personnel utilise the various features and benefits of surveillance systems including network enabled security cameras for keeping tabs on each and every inmate. These cameras provide a 360-degree view of all areas and record videos that can be archived for later retrieval.

RFID solutions :

Manufacturers and retailers have been using RFID chips to track asset inventory for several years now. In the modern times, prisons have also started to utilise the RFID technology for monitoring movement of prisoners by sewing transponder microchips in their uniforms. The data obtained can be used for identifying dangerous situations even before they take place. RFID solutions are also combined with security cameras in Oklahoma for remote activation.

Contraband Detectors :

Prisons have started to employ millimetre wave systems increasingly for detecting contraband trying to invade the facilities. Also used by Transportation Safety Administration, these scanners are capable of identifying drug parcels, weapons and illegal items.

Videoconferencing :

There are many prisons in the USA that make use of videoconferencing for allowing inmates to attend trials, parole hearings and court proceedings virtually. This technology eliminates the occurrence of mishaps and attendant threats of prisoner transport.

Guard Equipment :

Due to rapid advancement of technology in various commercial sectors of USA, state-of-the-art equipment are also being used for protection in prisons. They are replacing the traditionally used security tools such as the shotgun and baton. For example, many correctional facilities have started to use the Taser’s XREP, which is capable of firing projectiles that can deliver a incapacitating and powerful shock. Another modern equipment is night-vision goggles, which provide clear peripheral view even in the dark and help guards in managing violent situations.

Unethical behaviour is very common at prisons, and inmates always hunt for ways to escape. Therefore, it is extremely important for correctional facilities to use modern forms of technology for maintaining order and preventing acts of elusion.


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