Phototex Self Adhesive Wallpapers

Phototex is a brand of printable and reusable fabric with self-adhesive backing that can be repositioned multiple times in place. It does not leave behind any residue when removed and barely loses its adhesive even after several years of usage. Its primary applications are indoor display graphics, particularly wallpapers and wall murals. However, the material can also be used for making vehicle signage as well as other outdoor displays if laminate or waterproof coating is applied.

self adhesive wallpaper

Initially when Phototex was launched in USA and distributed in several countries including UK, the versions available were suitable only for solvent or aqueous inkjets. But the latest products are high quality adhesive variants known as EX, which can easily adhere to poorly or roughly prepared walls. These versions are being sold as Phototex Self Adhesive Printable Wall Fabric.

A Phototex material can be printed simply with the help of any inkjet, without the employment of any special requisite except for choosing a suitable profile. The product is generally available in rolls of a standard length (30 metres). A cut-sheet option of SRA3 is also provided in boxes containing 100 units. Images may be split between adjoining sheets or strips in a design program (though some RIPs of wide format are capable of doing this automatically, including apertures for windows and doors as well as overlaps if needed). Manufacturers claim that solvent Phototex can even support inkjet printing using UV or latex inks. A special WallPaper Matte liquid has also been recently introduced for use in outdoor applications.

self adhesive wallpapaer 2
The adhesive provided on the back of Phototex wallpapers is very strong as well as repositionable, which enables adjustments for creases or errors. It does not form any residue underneath the material even if the fabric is allowed to remain in one place for several years. Besides that, the fabric material used is itself adequately tough, resisting almost every kind of scratchings and tearings. All these characteristics ensure durability and reusability of the product, making it suitable for all types of interior surfaces and different climate-controlled environments. The edges of the material also do not suffer from curling in course of time.

Using a Phototex self-adhesive wallpaper is extremely easy. One just has to peel back an initial few inches of the backing paper and then press the fabric against the surface where it must be put up. After that, the remaining backing paper can be peeled away gently while the entire wallpaper is slowly smoothed on.


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