Homemade Remedies To Keep Your Place Of Residence Pest Free

pest control

We often find homeowners complaining about how difficult it is to deal with various harmful pests. Most of them generally resort to pest control products readily available in the market for quick relief. But these products may contain harmful chemicals that can cause serious health issues among inhabitants of a household. So hiring a professional pest controller who has sound knowledge about pest management and uses natural products for terminating insects is always a great option. However, if you want you can also use several homemade remedies to get rid of the harmful critters invading your house.

Given below are some homemade remedies to do away with pests. Have a look:

1. Use garlic to prevent mosquitoes: Garlic is almost always available in the kitchen of any household. The strong and raw aroma of garlic is highly effective in chasing mosquitoes away. Simply crush and boil few pods of garlic in water for a few minutes. Spray the solution in all the places of your home. You can also spray the solution on yourself to get rid of mosquito bites, but be careful about its strong odour.

2. Use citrus peels to get rid of spiders: Spiders are one of the most irritating insects that invade homes in Melbourne. But thanks to the naturally available citrus peels that can help to keep the eight legged pests at bay. Inspect the areas where spiders love to reside such as a room’s corner, window sills, bookshelves, etc. After that, just rub some citrus peels on those areas and you are all done!

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3. Vinegar (White) for ants: Whether it is winter or summer, ants can be found everywhere in all seasons. So whenever you notice these tiny creatures roaming around your property just spray the vinegar. But remember one thing if you have planned to use the vinegar on carpets, make sure you test it before on some inconspicuous area.

4. Say “goodbye” to termites with petroleum jelly: One of the best natural remedies that can be used for getting rid of unwanted termites is petroleum jelly. Just rub the jelly on wooden furniture and leave it for one or two days. Use a piece of soft cloth to polish the fixtures after that. However, in order to get a long lasting result it would be better if you appoint a professional company dealing with termite control in Melbourne.

5. Use camphor for flies: Camphor is one of the best natural deterrents for flies. Keep few pieces of camphor in glass bowls and place one in every corner of your home.

6. Get rid of cockroaches by using boric powder: Cockroaches are harmful . So, homeowners always seem to be hunting for effective ways to get rid of them. But there is a simple and natural remedy that you can use to bid good bye to the nasty cockroaches at your home. Mix boric powder and a teaspoon of wheat with little water and make a dough. Make small circular shaped balls from the dough and place them in each corner of your room.

pest control

Stated above are some of the few homemade natural remedies that can be used to prevent harmful insects from overrunning a home. Although they are quite effective, they may have to be used continuously and properly for achieving satisfactory results.


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