Common Ladder Use Mistakes And How Can They Be Avoided

According to several surveys conducted conducted throughout all the states and territories in Australia, countless people either suffer from serious injuries or get killed due to becoming victims of ladder-related mishaps.

ladder safety

  • Around 80 to 90 thousands get emergency room treatment
  • Several hundreds of occupational deaths are accounted by elevated falls annually
  • Throughout the last decade, incidences of ladder-related slippages and falls have skyrocketed

Most accidents involving ladders are often caused due to causes that are absolutely preventable. These causes arise from a wide purview of factors, ranging from selection of wrong equipment to incorrect positioning and usage. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ones:

Choosing The Wrong Equipment

Different types of ladders are designed to be used in different tasks. Each one of them also have a different height and weight limit, and exceeding them can cause the climber to fall down or get injured. Some workers even try to gain height by using boxes or chairs, which is another dangerous thing to do and bound to result in disastrous accidents. In order to ensure safety and reduce the risks of mishaps, it is extremely important to choose the right equipment of appropriate height and weight. Climbers should also use an appropriate ladder safety product for additional protection.

lock jaw ladder grip

Using Damaged Equipment

Another common factor which is responsible for slips and falls is the application of damaged, worn or old ladders. These pieces of equipment, no matter whatever they are made of, also have a shelf life just like everything else. They can become weak after a few years of usage. They become prone to suffer breakages during use and can cause grievous injuries to climbers. They must, therefore, be inspected meticulously prior to utilisation for detecting any defect or glitch.

Incorrect Usage

Human errors are probably the most common factors that lead to ladder related accidents. Many people try to go beyond manufacturer’s instructions and use these equipment in different experimental ways, most of which cause the entire thing to wobble or tip over. It is important to maintain 3 points of contact while climbing for ensuring stability.

Incorrect Positioning

Following wrong techniques to position a ladder can also lead to serious accidents. While placing a ladder, it is essential to make sure that the platform is firm and uniform. The equipment should never be placed in front of a door which is not guarded, locked or blocked.


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