Important Things Used For Constructing A House

Constructing A House

Constructing a house requires incorporation as well as consideration of several essential things, without which the project cannot be completed. Tools and materials are not the only requirements, as many people tend to think. The other vitals include plans, permits, heavy equipment, safety equipment, inspections and power sources.

Let’s have a look at the most important things used for constructing a residential structure in Perth:


Every successful project is kicked off with a proper plan, which generally includes designs, floor plans, utility diagrams and landscape layouts. Without a plan, it is impossible to construct even a small warehouse, let alone a full-fledged home.

Permits & Inspections

Everything that is proposed to be built requires a permit. Coupled with inspections, permits ensure that a residential structure complies with all the local and regional building and safety codes. Inspections are even performed of a building’s septic system, wiring, foundation, roof and plumbing, besides other things.

Materials, Tools & Equipment

These things are for the building contractor and the owner to decide. In general, they include hand tools like miter boxes, spirit levels and backsaws, and power tools such as table saws, reversible soil compactors and sanders. The materials used can either be recycled, synthetic or natural.

Power Source

This is one of the most important requirement for building not only a house, but any other structure. The builders would require a power source for running power tools like drills, jackhammers, magnetic wheels, etc. Sites that do not have pre-existing utility lines will need an external power source.

Safety Equipment

The essential safety equipment required during construction of a building include warning signs, flags, safety fences, construction tape, ear protection, eye protection, hard hats, steel-toed shoes and harnesses. The safety fences keep children, bystanders and pets at bay. Hard hats offer protection from dropped tools. Eye protection generally includes masks, hoods and wrap-around glasses and provide protection to the eyes against metal bits, chips and sparks. Warning signs move, flash and produce noise for attracting attention. They alert speeding motorists and passersby to stay away from the site of construction. Once the construction is complete, it is also important to have a fence installed around the property. There are many reputed fencing contractors in Perth who can be hired for getting the job done.

Apart from the above mentioned essentials, there are some other requirements of residential construction as well, which include ladders, safety belts, cranes, etc.


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