Maintenance of Antique Furniture Items

The type of maintenance or restoration necessitated by antique furniture items is very different from that used for the upkeep of regular home furnishings. This is because application of adhesives, regular polishes, finishes and fasteners can significantly reduce the current as well as present value of the old articles. As a result, most furniture makers now employ various new and effective techniques for antique restoration in Reading.

Many people believe that applying oil to an old chair or table would prevent it from drying out. This belief is, however, nothing more than a myth. Aged wood does not get dried due to deficiency of oil, but rather from lack of sufficient moisture. As such, it is important to avoid storing antique pieces in hot and dry areas for a long time. Although application of oil can be good move for enhancing the appearance and finish temporarily, the amount of oil used should be kept to a minimum. Because oil would contribute towards deterioration of the finish in course of time by leaving a residue prone to attract dust and dirt.

old furniture restoration

There are certain measures which must be followed in order to care for antique furniture the right way. Besides that, they should also be inspected from time to time for damaged or loose joints. The finish of an old furniture piece generally tends to wear over time. In order to prevent that, a thin layer of wax can be applied as per manufacturer’s instructions. Regular dusting with the help of a soft and lint free piece of cloth is essential. Dry rags should not be used for dusting as they generally tend to cause fine abrasions. Some people make use of silicone-based polishes on their antique pieces, but this can turn out to be very detrimental later. Because silicone is capable of penetrating the finish, which would eventually cause problems during future repair or restoration jobs.

Over time, copper and brass hardware on antique furniture items can appear to be unattractive. However, they must never be polished for removing their tarnished appearance. It is better to retain the original patina and finish on hardware parts such as knobs, hinges, handles, escutcheons and pulls.

It is generally advised by furniture connoisseurs to exercise care while handling antique items. For instance, a chair must be carried by its seat rails instead of the top rail, arms or back splat. In the same way, tables should be moved by their legs rather than the top. Heavy antique furniture items must not be dragged across the floor, but lifted in order to move from one place to another.

Antique Furniture restorationt


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