Some Effective Measures for Preventing Infestation of Termites


termite controlMost of us are very much aware of the structural damage that termite infestations can cause to households. According to surveys conducted by the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), 1 in every 5 Australian homes suffer from termite problems, with the consequential expenses amounting to nearly hundreds of million dollars. This makes particularly one thing very clear – it is quintessential to be informed about the nasty wood-borers and exercise preventive measures for controlling them. However, one can easily become confused due to the availability of countless different treatment options.

In order to choose the right method for keeping termites at bay, it is important to be aware of the ones which are the most effective. Given below are some of them. Have a look:

Monitoring Systems

These are perhaps the most commonly preferred chemical-free means for termite control in Melbourne. A monitoring system generally involves strategical installation of bait stations around a house. Being equipped with timber, the bait stations attract hungry wandering termites. Once their activity is detected in the stations, the timber is replaced with a growth hormone capable of killing the pest. When this substance is carried to the nest by the scouting termites, it ultimately gets distributed among the other members and thus the entire colony becomes victim of its fatal consequences.

Soil Sprays

These can be employed in existing as well as new dwellings, and are very cost-effective and versatile. In new houses, they may be applied on vulnerable areas at the time of construction. The chemicals can efficiently eradicate termites. However, the effect of soil sprays can wear down over time and it is therefore necessary to re-apply them after a few years.

Physical Barrier Systems

Utilising physical barrier systems is a traditional and chemical free method for keeping termites off the grounds. They are generally applied to those dwellings and extensions which are still under construction. These barriers stop termites in their tracks even before they can infest and cause any serious damage.

Reticulation Systems

These are also known as the replenishment systems, and find their use more often in residential structures yet to be constructed. A typical reticulation system consists of flexible hoses which are installed right under the foundation of a dwelling. Although the installation costs of reticulation systems are a bit higher, they generally prove to be economical in the long run. Besides that, they can also be installed around the perimeter of existing structures.

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