Different Strategies For Making a Home Appear Bigger

People living in medium or small sized homes often complain about feeling trapped within their own dwelling. This unpleasant feeling can also bug an individual when the interior decor of their house is not very good. Fortunately, there are several techniques which can be employed for making a home feel and look more spacious than it really is.

Given below are some of them:

Reducing Clutter

shoe_organiser_1 copy

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways for imparting a spacious look to any place. It can be done by cleaning the entire area and keeping everything which does not require to be exposed in closets and drawers. Shoes must also not be allowed to remain on the floor. They would only occupy useful space.

Using Furniture With Inbuilt Storage


Another great way for increasing the feel of spaciousness within a house is by making use of furniture pieces having inbuilt storage.Such furniture items are available in plenty in UK shops. One can even hire a bespoke furniture maker in order to get such an article prepared as per individual specifications.

Painting With Light Colours

Painting With Light Colours

A room painted with light shades would undoubtedly seem more airy and spacious. However, one must be careful enough to add one or more accent colours so as to prevent the space from attaining a sterile appearance. It is also necessary to have some idea about where the light colours would look the best.

Purchasing Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-Purpose Furniture

When it comes to saving floor space, multi-purpose furniture items can work wonders. One can purchase a wooden coffee table which doubles up to be a desk, a daybed, an ottoman which can also be used as a side table and so on. Such furniture pieces can not only free up floor area, but also make the room appear bigger.

Decorating The Ceiling

Purchasing Multi-Purpose Furniture


A decorated ceiling can draw the eyes upwards for making a room feel larger. The ceiling can either be painted with an intriguing colour using a stencil in order to get a beautiful pattern, or embellished with wallpapers.

Organising The Closets

Organising The Closets

This one is another simple and inexpensive way to impart a spacious and neat look to a room. Maximising the closet space can make the task of cleaning easier. One may also use hanging rods or separate the drawers for achieving a clean appearance.


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