What Is Excessive Oil Consumption? How Can It Be Resolved?

Excessive Oil Consumption.png
Excessive engine oil consumption is one of the most dreadful things a vehicle owner can face. Most people often blame it on the quality of the product and its performance, but there are many other reasons which can contribute to the problem.

 Let’s have a look at the most common ones:

  • Design of the Engine – Some engines need more oil for working properly just due to the way they have been designed. The rate of consumption can even be as high as 1 litre for every 1000 kilometres.
  • Driving Style – RPM (revolutions per minute) is another factor that can seriously affect oil consumption of a vehicle. The higher is the RPM, the more would be the consumption. This happens due to the extra pressure put on the gasket and seals which causes a significant amount to find its way into the combustion chamber, mix with the fuel and burn out.
  • Extremely High Engine Temperatures – If an engine gets heated up to a temperature higher than usual, it is bound to make the oil lose its viscosity and escape into the combustion chamber.
  • Others –High levels of oil, clogging of the engine components and fuel contamination are some of the other causes responsible for excessive consumption.

Fortunately, there are quite a number of measures which can be implemented for resolving the issue of extra oil consumption.

Using a Good Quality Additive
Making use of a high performance engine oil treatment, such as TOHO 9000, can help in reducing the problem of consumption. Besides that, it can increase efficiency of the engine and decrease the emission of toxic exhausts by cleansing various internal components and dissolving or suspending sludge, carbon and varnish deposits. It acts as a corrosion inhibitor, anti wear agent and viscosity improver. It also contains an ester-diester synthetic base that allows it to retain viscosity during hot summers and flow freely even at subzero temperatures.
Getting The Engine Checked
If the engine of the car has been designed to give high mileage, it would be prudent to have the gaskets and seals inspected for any wear and tear, especially if the vehicle is old.
Altering The Driving Style
Oil consumption can also be reduced by changing the style of driving and keeping the RPM within 2000 to 2500. It would even help in conserving fuel and promote fuel economy.
Following these above-mentioned tips is sure to resolve the problem of excessive oil consumption.


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