What Are European Wasps? How Can They Be Kept At Bay?

European Wasps.jpg

European wasps are one of the most feared pests in Melbourne during the summer season. They are, however, not natives of the Australian state. These dreadful critters were introduced into Australia by British ships that came to establish colonies in the country during the 1970s. Soon after that, the insects started to breed and spread very quickly across Melbourne as well as other states.

Being congenitally social insects, European wasps can quickly build nests with a queen, a few reproductive males and countless foraging females. The females are capable of delivering multiple painful stings if disturbed, and the victim may even require to seek immediate medical attention. If the individual is allergic to the venom that the sting delivers, the consequences can be severely unpleasant.

Fortunately, there are several ways of keeping these obnoxious pests at bay. Given below are some of the most effective ones:

Getting Rid of Things Which Attract Them

European wasps generally look for carbohydrates or sugars, and also protein in forms of meat. They tend to like compost heaps and open sources of water. Sometimes they might even crawl into a soda can, and anyone drinking directly from it can get stung on the mouth or even inside the throat. A good way to keep these pests off the yard is by picking up fallen fruits and keeping pet food indoors. While drinking from a soda can, one should always use a straw. It is better to store compost in sealed bins rather than keeping them in the open.

Ignoring Them

European wasps are usually not aggressive unless provoked. They normally stay focussed on the task of looking for food, but can attack in great numbers if somehow they feel threatened. Therefore, it is better to ignore European wasps if they are seen flying around a place.

Water Trap

If European wasps have started to build a nest in the garden or backyard, a water trap can be used for getting rid of them effectively. In order to set up the trap, a dish must be filled with sugary water and dish washing detergent and placed somewhere near the nest. Since the detergent breaks surface tension of the water, a wasp landing on it would sink and drown instantly.

Having The Nest Removed

At times, European wasps may build nest inside the roof or wall of a house. In order to eliminate the associated risks, it would be prudent to get rid of the nest entirely. However, one should call in professionals dealing with wasp control in Melbourne to get the job done. Such specialists would know how to handle the nest without creating a dangerous situation.


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