How Can Carpet Burns or Snags Be Repaired?

carpet patchingAt times, your carpet may suffer from nasty snag or burns that make replacement seem like the only option left. However, buying a new carpet can be an expensive affair. But what else can you do when you accidentally drop a hot iron on the carpet or your pet scratches off a noticeable part from it? You can get the damage fixed by sparing a little amount of your time and money.

There are many professional firms that provide services for carpet patching in Perth. All you need to do is find an experienced one and call them in for getting the repair work done. Most professional carpet patchers make use of a definite set of techniques and processes for patching. Let’s have a look at the basic ones in brief detail:

  • If the snag or burn is only limited to the tip, a professional would cut off the charred or scratched tips carefully and clean the area lightly using a mild solution and clean water. The spot would become undetectable when it dries.
  • In case the damage is concentrated over a large area, a portion in the shape of a square or rectangle will be cut out from an inconspicuous area of the carpet. The portion or patch will be almost identical in texture and pattern to the surrounding area of the damaged region.
  • Next, the patch would be firmly pressed over the burnt or snagged section and carefully held in place. With a utility knife, the edges of the damaged area will be cut so that it accommodates the patch perfectly.
  • Once the additional edges have been cut off, they are removed from the hole. The patch is then inspected for a snug fit and its edges are trimmed slightly, if required.
  • For installing the patch, the technician may use either a special adhesive or double faced carpet tape. If adhesive is being used, it would be applied on the padding around the edges. Once that has been done, the patch is positioned carefully inside the hole and then pressed firmly so that it adheres to the surface. The adhesive is allowed to dry by keeping foot traffic off the carpet for several hours. However, if the patch is installed using carpet tape, the carpet might be ready for walking on right after the repair work is complete.

In order to make sure that you get the desired results, be meticulous while searching for a professional firm, and make inquiries about their qualifications and experience.


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