How to Prevent Termite Infestations Naturally?


Among the different types of pests that cause damage to human property, termites are probably the most notorious. Their diet consists mainly of dead cellulose – in other words, wood. Thus, these pests love to sink their teeth into anything made of wood, be it furniture items or timber walls. However, there are several means by which they can be controlled effectively and kept at bay.

Given below are some of the measures that you can try out to control termite infestation in Melbourne:

  • Make sure that there is no source for leakage of water. If there are any, either external or internal, find and get them repaired as soon as possible. Termites generally require a damp environment to survive. When there is no source that provides moisture, they would obviously stay away from your premises.
    Eliminate any thick vegetation growth near your house or business, as they can create moist regions as well.
  • Never store extra firewood or building materials near your property. If it is not possible for you to set up a faraway storage place, create barriers underneath your wooden supplies so that they cannot be accessed by termites.
  • Make use of rubber mulches rather than the organic ones. The very qualities of organic mulch which enhance the health and fertility of the soil can also attract termites. You can easily get rubber mulches from any local store that sells gardening accessories.
    Eliminate any pool of stagnant water from around your premises without delay.
  • Seal up or block all holes, crevices and cracks within your basement with the help of caulking agents like polysulfide, acrylic or silicone sealant.
  • Remove dead stumps, roots or old trees from your lawn or backyard. These items on decaying can provide an excellent source of readymade food to termites. And once the pests are done feasting on the available source, they would start hunting for a new one and might target your home or business establishment.
  • Never bury waste lumber or wooden scraps in your yard. You might actually be serving wandering and hungry termites their favourite dish.

Apart from exercising these precautionary measures, make sure that you call in a reputed pest control firm for getting an annual termite inspection done. This will help you to detect any infestation that might have taken place and get rid of it before it is too late.


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