Preparatory Moves That Must Be Executed For Rat Control In Melbourne

Rat Control

If you sight even one rat or mouse scurrying across the floor, you would probably be not wrong to assume that there are more of them in the basement of your house, behind walls or between stored goods. There are several methods you can opt for to chase away rodents from your household. So, if you have planned to get rid of rodents from your house, there are certain things that you will have to do. Given below are some of the preparatory moves that must be executed for rat control in Melbourne:

Secure All Food Items Properly

Store all kinds of food items that are not canned or in jars, in sturdy plastic containers or the refrigerator. These items can include candies, chips, cereals, nuts, pet foods, breads, etc. Do not use plastic bags as rodents can easily chew through them and gain access to the food items.

Seal Up The Holes

Repair all holes and crevices around baseboards, in walls, and gaps around doors which do not seal properly. Rats and mice can pass through holes even as small as ¼ or ⅛ inch in radius.

When The Pest Control Firm Arrives

As soon as the pest management team arrives at your home, have a proper discussion with them about the situation and make sure that you mention the areas where the mice or rats have been sighted frequently. Remove any item from underneath kitchen sink and the top of refrigerator so that these areas can also be accessed by the firm for inspection and treatment.

Do Not Disturb The Work of The Professionals

For effective rodent control in Melbourne, most pest management technicians make use of various traps and baits. Yours would probably do the same thing. Make sure not to touch or disturb those equipments in any way.

Maintain Cleanliness

To ensure ongoing control, maintain proper cleanliness by cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming your house on a regular basis. Take the garbage out daily and secure the trash bins tightly with lids. Try to keep the garbage area as clean as you can. Remove unnecessary materials such as boxes, old papers, clothing, etc. from your house. Rodents can make use of them for creating nests and breed in the areas where those items are kept.

These actions are very essential for controlling and preventing the infestation of rodents in a house. Try them out. They will surely work.


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