Things to Know Before Installing a Fence

Fence installation

Fences are generally used for the practical purpose of setting up a perimeter around a property. But there are certain inconspicuous benefits which they offer as well, such as making the yard seem like an extension of the house itself, creating a space for organising special events with friends and family, or showing off one’s gardening and landscaping efforts. Besides these, they also provide a safe place for pets and children to play, and prevent them from straying.

Costs of installing a fence may vary, and dictating factors like material of the fencing and the area to be enclosed usually come into play. In the market, there are a wide range of materials from which homeowners can choose as per their budget and requirements. The most commonly used materials for fencing are wood, steel and aluminium.

Wood fences have low installation costs and add a traditional look to the home as well as neighbourhood. Popular wood choices include spruce, fir, redwood, pine and cedar. Some of them have natural resistance to pests and rot, while others are treated to be rot resistant.

Steel and aluminium are ornamental choices for fencing and they conspicuously add a classic and elegant appearance to homes, which is ideal to showcase exquisite landscaping. Besides that, steel and aluminium are obviously long-lasting when compared to wood and relatively cheaper than wrought-iron while providing a similar look. Many Fencing Contractors in Perth even provide coloured steel fences that can merge well with the landscape or augment the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Homeowners who know how to install a fencing on their own may just go to some local home improvement store, purchase the required materials and set to work. But there are certain things which such DIY individuals need to keep in mind. The foremost thing to do is determine the property line carefully. The second important step is contacting the local utility departments and asking them to mark existing underground lines, if any. The fence placement and property measurements however needs to be double checked before buying any material.

As for those who would be hiring a contractor to get the job done, they should make sure to choose a reputed and experienced one. It is often recommended to ask for such things as product samples, insurance certificate, written contract and references. Professionals who deal with installation of fencing in Perth generally provide such pertinent essentials before starting with the work. If someone does not, they are not worth taking into consideration.


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