How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Steam?

bed bugs removal

Bed bugs are quite famous for their elusiveness, but there is one thing which they can neither escape nor tolerate – steam. The high heat generated by steamers can reach up to a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius, which is effective enough to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs without the use of toxic chemicals.

Given below is the method for getting rid of bed bugs with the help of steam:

  • While steaming a suspected area that has been previously treated with diatomaceous earth or chemicals, be careful so not to apply heat on them accidentally as it can undermine their remaining effect.
  • Before the application of steam, vacuum the suspected areas thoroughly. If you are using a vacuum cleaner without bag, dispose all the content inside a bag outdoors and place it immediately in the garbage. After that, wash the container of the vacuum cleaner and filter hot water through it.
  • Carefully go through the instructions manual of the steamer in order to prepare it for operation. Exercise caution to avoid getting yourself burned, because steamers generally produce very hot steam.
  • Clean the nozzle of the steamer using a dry towel for clearing excess water that might have accumulated. Keep it aside for absorbing additional water collecting while steaming.
    When you are steaming, start right from the drapes and continue down to the floor. Do the same for moldings, box springs, mattresses, sofas, headboards, floorboards, carpeting, etc. Do not steam into electrical appliances or outlets.
  • If and whenever possible, make use of a large head attachment because smaller ones can create excessive centralised pressure and scatter the bed bugs instead of killing them. Some steamers, however, are provided with a valve for regulating pressure.
  • Take as much time as needed and keep the nozzle about 2.5 to 5 centimetres away from a surface that you are treating. Maintain a low speed while moving the nozzle over the surface, about 2.5 centimetres per second.
  • After applying steam on a mattress, let it dry before placing it back into the encasement otherwise it may result in growth of mould later.
  • Watch out for any telltale signs of the pests during the next couple of weeks. If required, perform a steam treatment one more time. Follow it up using a safe and eco-friendly bedbug

The above method can yield good results in case of low-scale infestations. If the infestation is too severe, calling in a professional pest management company dealing with bed bugs removal in Melbourne would be a better option for you.


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