How to Care For Fences?

how to care fencesFences, as a matter of fact, need little maintenance, and a thorough inspection once or twice in a year might just be enough along with regular dusting. But that does not mean you can ignore the inspection for a pretty long time and procrastinate. You might be left behind with replacement as the only viable option.

Maintaining the fences around your property not only makes them last longer, but also imparts a tidy look to your lot. If you are trying to sell off the property, then it would not be a bad idea to spend some time getting it in order.

Autumn is the perfect time to take care of the maintenance work of fences, and also to check if they need to be rebuilt or replaced. This is the time when you may find that the bolts or screws of steel fencing have become loose in course of time. And the ones that are made of wires or batten have got broken or loosened. Broken stays or leaning strainers are also commonly noticed. Tightening the screws of steel Fencing in Wanneroo or tightening the wires is not always easy and you may need to call a professional who can handle the task. However, the old fence can be made as good as new if the line posts are straight and the assemblies of end strainers are in pretty good condition.

If you have metal fencing in your yard, then be aware of the fact that rust is their main enemy. Regular cleaning is extremely essential, such as a normal rinse off followed by quick wiping with a piece of dry towel. If you notice droppings of birds on the fencing, make sure to clean them thoroughly using soap and water. It is, however, recommended to use a soap that is paint safe. Damages in the paintwork such as cracking, bubbling or peeling should be salvaged as soon as possible.

While inspecting a wooden fencing, it is important to look for loose nails, rots, mildew growth and paintjob damage. Rusted nails should be replaced with fresh and new ones. If a picket is broken or rotting, it would be better to change it and put a new one in its place. Any kind of mildew growth will have to be cleaned off using a standard mildew cleaner or soap-water mixture, and a scrubbing brush. Once clean, rinse the area using clean water and wipe using a dry cloth. Staining or repainting will have to be done after every few years. You can either do it yourself using a brush, roller or sprayer or seek for professional services.


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