Tackling Bed Bugs In Eco-Friendly Ways

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny bloodsucking parasites that can grow up to a length of 4 to 5 millimetres and remain active at night. They generally take shelter in human dwellings and occupy mattresses, cushions, couches, furniture and other upholstered items. Their bites are characterised by itchy swellings on the skin and may also cause allergic reactions in rare cases that can lead to illness, nausea and skin infections. When a household becomes home for these nasty little pests, many may resort to chemical means as a quick solution to the problem. However, there are various risks associated with the use of toxic chemicals, such as accidental consumption of pesticides by pets, degradation of indoor air quality, threat to human health, etc. There are several green and environment friendly ways which can be used for effective Bed Bugs Removal in Melbourne. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

A Thorough Cleanup

This method is not only eco-friendly, but also the most common and traditional method for getting rid of bed bugs. All bedding materials should be washed thoroughly in hot water and then dried with a hot dryer. Suspected areas will have to be vacuumed properly, such as couches and mattresses.

Cleaning Out Clutter

Sometimes, the only reason for the existence of bed bug problem in the house could be the clutter of additional furnishings and unnecessary junk. These things provide ideal conditions for the bedbugs to dwell and breed in. Therefore, all kinds of clutter should be cleared out or organised properly.

Blocking The Holes

Bedbugs may often occupy tiny crevices, fissures, and also lay eggs inside of them. When the eggs hatch, they would become fresh additions to the existing problem. To prevent that from happening, all nooks and crannies should be blocked or sealed up tightly.

Smothering The Pests

The existing infestation of bedbugs can be smothered in mattress bags to curb down the growth of their population. The bag must be inspected carefully for any tears, and the ones found should be sealed up using tape. Cushions may also be treated in a similar manner.

If the infestation becomes severe and none of the above methods seem to work, it would be better to seek help from a professional firm dealing with Pest Control in Melbourne. They would be well-versed with the right techniques and measures for controlling the bedbugs, without putting the health of the residents into jeopardy.


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