Why is Bird Control Necessary for Businesses?

There are many amongst us who have a great liking for birds and love to watch them during leisure hours. Although birds are beneficial to human beings and the environment in a number of ways, they can also be destructive and cause tremendous damage to our property. Due to them, many businesses often have to face some financial loss every year.

Commercial Bird Control

The most common ways by which birds can become a nuisance to commercial facilities are as follows:

Structural Damage

Though this fact may seem quite surprising, birds are capable of inflicting serious destruction on commercial buildings. Their faecal waste or droppings are highly corrosive in nature, can easily erode the construction materials, contaminate food items and make the ground slippery, thus increasing the risk of falls and slippage. Moreover, they can also damage windows by pecking on the glass panes with their sharp beaks.

Blocked Flues

Birds can clog drain pipes, chimneys and gutters of factories and businesses by building nests inside them and cause great inconvenience to workers. Sometimes, it may even become necessary to call in a commercial bird control company to remove the nests and clear the blocked pipes and chimney so that they become functional once again.

Health Risks

There are a wide range of diseases associated with birds which can severely affect human beings. More than sixty different diseases are transmitted by them through their droppings, such as vibrosis, erysipeloid, yersiniosis, tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, ornithosis, trichomoniasis, paratyphoid, acariasis, gastroenteritis, cryptococcus, pullorum, toxoplasmosis and others. These diseases can have serious consequences on the lungs, brain, liver, heart and blood.

Increased Risk of Fires

Birds nesting in sheds, dryer vents or garage can also increase the risk of fire. The leaves and lints that they bring and accumulate in the dryer vent blocks the exhaust and increases drying time. This can lead to the creation of a fire hazard.

Displeased Customers

Large populations of birds gathering around the business premise can be very noisy, which may annoy the customers. Clients may, thus, form a negative impression about the company and brand.

There are several measures which can be implemented for controlling pestering bird in and around commercial facilities and businesses. Some of the most popular methods include screening with the help of specialised netting and wire mesh, decoys, visual or acoustic solutions, repellent gels and proper sanitation.


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